ISO 9001 Certified System

Platinum Insulation Process (PIP)

Significant Motor Repair/Replacement Cost Savings

Insulation Cross-section Insulation Cros-section

Our PIP system results in void-free coils that are likewise bonded void-free to the slot walls of the laminated steel cores they are placed in.

The thermal conductivity of the resin is on the order of 100 times better than that of air, making for greatly improved heat transfer.

The resin bonds the internal component parts of the coils into a solid mass, producing a winding that is much more resistant to coil motion.

Without PIPWith PIP
Before PIP With PIP
Before PIP With PIP

Along with our PIP insulation system, McBroom also offers our patented Fluidguard™ device. It allows liquids and moisture to escape from the unit without letting additional liquids and moisture enter the unit.

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